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Jewellery advice from Amallah
  • All jewellery from amallah should be handled with care as precious and semi-precious stones are easily chipped and diamonds can scratch other stones and metals.
  • Always remove rings when washing or washing up as even tap water temperatures can shatter semi precious stones.
  • Keep jewellery away from perfume sprays, hair lacquer and make-up as well as from strong sunlight and direct heat which can change the colour of turquoise and organic materials like pearls, coral, shell and semi-precious stones.
  • When wearing jewellery, make sure that it is securely fastened and consider having a safety chain or catch fitted to necklaces, bracelets and brooches.
  • It pays to check jewellery set with precious or semi-precious stones regularly with a magnifying glass to see that no stones are loose or missing.
  • Avoid mixing jewellery together in one box as the many different materials may scratch or chip each other.
  • Purpose built jewellery boxes, cases and rolls are a good idea as they keep pieces apart.